Wellness in Your Workplace: Wellness Matters October 2020

30th September 2019

With feedback from previous attendees, and other organizations around the Nanaimo area, we’ve decided to do another Wellness in the Workplace event October 22nd and 23rd 2020.

With support from  Love From The Inside Wellness Society as well as other local sponsors, we’re tackling a bigger and broader range of topics over two days.  Speakers will be touching on mental health,  bullying and harassment, fatigue management, the control of infectious disease, and more.  We will also be putting a discussion panel together to look at diversity, inclusion and engagement.

Contact info@carbonsafety.ca for information on sponsoring, exhibiting, speaking or attending this years event.

When you’re an employee you spend a lot of time at your workplace, many of us spending more time at work than with our families, and friends. When you’re an employer, the time you spend at work, or focused on work can be significantly more than most of your employees.

Whether you’re an employer or employee work can make it tough to manage our wellness in general.

Feedback from attendees at our May 3oth wellness in the workplace event as well as other ongoing conversations with businesses on Vancouver Island have shown that there is a growing interest in the overall concept of wellness in the workplace.

This can cover dealing with mental health, nutrition, ergonomics, exercise, managing fatigue, substance abuse and more.

We also discovered at the last event exactly how interconnected these topics are.

Wellness can be a slippery slope, letting some areas of wellness slide can result in, or encourage other areas to slide as well.  Equally just improving one area of wellness in our lives, can reap benefits in other areas of wellness.

If wellness in the workplace is a topic you’re interested in, please complete a quick survey to help us craft another valuable event.  What resource, support, value, knowledge, and information are you looking for?

The survey link is here,  is 10 questions long and should take about 5 minutes to complete.

We want to connect you with people, ideas, and resources to support wellness in your life, and your workplace!

Feedback is always welcome, please feel free to email us at info@carbonsafety.ca with any suggestions, questions, or other feedback.

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