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Wellness In The Workplace: Topics of Substance in person event – April 27th

17th March 2022

Wellness in the workplace

As we see a bright side in the form of some relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, we also need to appreciate that the last 2 years have seen a number of occurrences that have weighed heavy on peoples hearts and minds.

With the support of our sponsors (please see the sponsors list below) we are excited to bring you our 3rd Wellness In The Workplace event.

Last year we had a broader range of topics at our event, this years wellness in the workplace event is focusing on a narrower, and heavier set of topics. We’ll explore mental health, substance misuse, and how the trauma from the last 2 years may be influencing our workplaces.  Register below, then continue reading for more on our speakers, topics, and additional insights into this years event.

Register To Join Us

To join us at Nanaimo’s Bethlehem Center on Wednesday April 27th  please register using the link below. 

We will provide coffee, tea, and lunch, as well as exhibitors, and networking opportunities. 

Upon completion of your registration you will also be provided with a promo code for 2 days of online access to the “What If One” safety event (see below).

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Special thanks to Shelly McNeil of Royal LePage Realty Nanaimo, the Vancouver Island Construction Association, and The Wave and Wolf radio stations.

We couldn’t do this event without the support of our sponsors.  Please view our sponsors here and visit our sponsor section below.

Click below to hear our Island Radio advertisement on the Wolf 106.9 and listen for us on the Wave 102.3 as well.

If you are interested in more information, or have any questions please reach out to us via info@carbonsafety.ca or call us on 250 714 0222 for more information.

Added Safety Value: What If One Safety Conference

After Wellness In The Workplace, we will also be supporting another event What If One April 28th and April 29th which is also focusing on the human side of safety. 

What if one person could make a difference?  By registering for Wellness In The Workplace we are also able to provide you with a promotional offer for 2 days of online access for $100 (save $150) to join Tanya Steele and guests to continue the conversations around wellness.

The What If One event will provide presentations, discussions, and ideas around how we can further focus on people, safety, and wellbeing at work.  Simply register for our event to receive a promo code for the What If One conference.

Calculating Loss

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from PexelsBetween 2020 and 2021 3,946 people have died from overdoses, most suspected due to opioids.  Since 2020 more than 1,800 residential school graves have been found, with more expected to come.

Today marks 2 years to the day since B.C. called a public health emergency.  In that time  close to 2,000 people have lost their lives.

These lost lives impact our workplaces.  Whether employees have lost their lives, needed time off to grieve, or are struggling with the trauma and impact of these events, it all has the potential to impact our workplaces.  These impacts over the last two years are significant, and may well be long lasting.

Event Topics

We will be offering an in person event this year, hosted at Nanaimo’s Bethlehem Center.

We have a range of speakers who will be helping us understand some of the workplace challenges around wellness in general, as well as mental health, trauma, and substance misuse on Wednesday April 27th.

I often say wellness in the workplace is like a battery charger.  We all have things outside of life that can add or drain our wellness batteries, and coming into work can either further charge our batteries, or drain them.

I’m looking forward to hearing how our speakers can help us understand the challenges and solutions we need to consider to help us navigate these topics of substance and weight.

Event Speakers

This year we will have some speakers that are joining us for the first time, as well as some speakers that will be returning to share additional insights from their perspectives:

  • Nola Jeffrey – Of Tsimshian and Coast Salish ancestry and member of the Eagle Clan – Director of Tsow-Tun Le Lum Helping House will be speaking about indigenous adversity, and traditional approaches to healing
  • Dr. Joanne Crandall – Registered Psychologist will be joining us again to address stress, and the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as coping methods to help manage psychological stress
  • Colby Young – Project Coordinator with Vancouver Island Construction Society will be discussing the impact of toxic drugs in the construction industry and how their innovative harm reduction program is supporting workers
  • Kira Berntson – Field Prevention Officer with WorkSafeBC will be joining us again for this years event to discuss integration of psychological safety into the workplace and workplace safety programs

For a full overview of the speakers and a summary of their topics for the day, please see the speaker bios via the link below:

WITW 2022 Speaker Biographies



Gold Sponsor


Shelley McNeil is one of Nanaimo’s most personable and successful realtors.  Shelly is with Royal LePage Nanaimo, and is a proud sponsor of this years event, as she shares a belief that wellness in the workplace is a critical component of a balanced worklife.

Silver Sponsor


The Vancouver Island Construction Association provides industry support to encourage growth, economic stability, and prosperity in the construction community.  They will be speaking about their harm reduction program and how they are supporting the industry during the toxic drug crisis.

Bronze Sponsor


https://www.1069thewolf.com/                                                             https://www.1023thewave.com/

Island Radio  a member of the Pattison Media Group is sponsoring our event once again.  A staple in the community, events like ours wouldn’t be possible without ongoing support from community focused organizations like Island Radio.

Additional Sponsors


Lifetime Benefits offers structured plans for employers, employees and the self-employed. We work with you to understand how the plans work and find affordable options to suit your needs. Our plans include prescription drugs, dental, vision care, mental health and wellness practitioners, along with many other benefits. These plans are designed to improve employee experience and help you manage costs.



The Alliance’s mission is to promote dialogue and encourage collaboration and joint action amongst a variety of industry stakeholders to ensure a strong and competitive manufacturing sector in BC.  The goal is to ensure all British Columbians continue to benefit from the economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs found across all types of manufacturing in the province.






What if one person made a difference in one persons life? What if one person took the time to reach out and listen? What if one person gave you an opportunity? What if one person showed you it is possible?

What if you were that one person?

Could it save someone’s life?

We believe the answer is Yes!

Event Format Change

Apologies for those initially expecting a two day event, due to unforeseen audio technology challenges, the original two day hybrid event proved to technically challenging for the size and scale of event we had planned.  We thank you for your interest, and encourage you to come and join us in person at the Bethlehem Center in Nanaimo.

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