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Wellness Bank

24th July 2019

Just a thought from some recent conversations around mental health. Wellness is like a bank. You have a finite amount of wellness, and when you have challenging times, you withdraw from your wellness and have a little less.

When we take care of ourselves with good eating, and sleeping and exercise habits, when we find ways to manage stress, when we do all the little things right we top up that bank.

When we suffer mental illness, or are continually in toxic environments, or dealing with negative influences regularly we are making big withdrawls from that bank. If we don’t top up the bank sufficiently we end up broke. Figuratively and literally.

So this summer take some time to assess how you’re wellness bank is doing. If it needs more deposits, speak to your employer, your family, or friends about taking time out for yourself to manage your wellness. For tips or signs that maybe you’re not balancing that wellness bank well enough here’s an article and quick checklist.

Check in and see how well your budget is balanced!!

Wellness Check In

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