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Wellness at Work Pilot Project

6th June 2022

Carbon Safety Solutions are excited to announce that we have developed a workplace wellness program in collaboration with Isabelle Charland of HR International

The program aims to assist and support our clients in identifying, assessing, and managing wellness in the workplace. We have been collaborating to provide a suite of solutions to support organizations to navigate wellness in their respective workplaces and we are now ready for a pilot project!

Isabelle Charland, Principal of HRI Human Resources International brings 30+ years of experience and “hands-on” working knowledge in both human resources and staff management. She possesses in-depth experience and expertise in guiding clients through operational transformations in business and occupational health and safety practices. Please visit Isabelle’s website: http://hrinternational.ca

Carbon Safety ModelThe solutions we utilize to help organizations navigate wellness in the workplace include:

  • A lunch and learn to introduce concepts of workplace wellness
  • Half day workshop to further explore aspects of wellness tailored specifically to your workplace
  • Follow up summary report with recommendations that identifies and suggests next steps to implement
  • Guidance and support through the development of key aspects to your wellness program
  • Ongoing support in the monitoring and maintenance of the program to a level appropriate for your team

We are looking for clients willing to engage us to assist us to continue and improve our service.  Our intent is to offer the pilot at cost and would ask for and be open to transparent feedback on the process from you.

We will be starting the pilot projects at the end of June or early July.  If you’re interested, please reach out at your convenience. Isabelle and I would be happy to discuss any potential opportunity to work your team on this pilot project.

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