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The Carbon Safety Ethos

24th July 2018

Hello and thank you for checking in on our first blog post. We intend on providing a monthly post on topics relevant to health, safety, and environmental management.

I’d like to introduce a little bit about our ethos. If you’ve ever wondered about life, in any capacity, you’ve likely at some point considered or marveled at the vast array of life that exists on our planet, and potentially throughout our universe. The ability for life to find different ways to adapt and survive.

Most of the life as we know it is based on a complex chain of carbon atoms, as the late Stephen Hawking explained. And they form the foundation for most of this vast array of life to not only adapt and survive, but for some to also develop and thrive.

Equally, for organizations who have considered safety from any number of perspectives, whether it be environmental, human health from a physical, mental, or wellness point of view, or the safety of equipment and property, hazard identification and risk management is much like the carbon atom, fundamental in the development and success of safety in the workplace. It can allow organizations to adapt and survive, or potentially develop and thrive with a healthy safety culture.

Carbon Safety Solutions intends to work with, and support clients who have identified a need to better identify and manage the hazards within their workplace, hazards that influence the safety of their workers, environment, and stakeholders. The end result is to have a safety culture that develops and thrives.

Please check in on our blog, or social media feeds to keep up to date with our progress, thoughts, insights, and observations as we embark on our first year.

Feel free to reach out to us at info@carbonsafety.ca.

We’re looking forward to the journey, and hearing from you!

Scott Lescak
Carbon Safety Solutions

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