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Wellness in the workplace

6th June 2022

Wellness at Work Pilot Project

Carbon Safety Solutions are excited to announce that we have developed a workplace wellness program in collaboration with Isabelle Charland of HR International The program aims to assist and support…

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25th April 2022

Workplace Substance Use and Harm Reduction.

Workplace substance use and harm reduction are topics that workplaces have long had to manage.  Substance use is all around us, day in and day out.  It’s in our lives,…

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21st April 2022

Wellness at Work and Home

While at a conference recently we found that people were concerned about wellness at work and home, particularly identifying housing as an impact on wellness.  A recent article confirmed what…

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22nd June 2021

Financial Wellness at Work

As we’ve explored a number of topics connected to wellness, here’s another.  Financial wellness for employees.  This months guest blogger is Brad Woods, a Certified Health Insurance Specialist here in…

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7th April 2021

Supporting Mental Health at Work

Many of us have had experiences at work that have impacted our mental health. Workplaces that perhaps left us with a sense of camaraderie, satisfaction, and achievement, or that filled…

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25th February 2021

Covid, Change, Business, and Normal

Niall McEvoy is a safety professional with over 20 years experience, and is currently supporting safety efforts in the oil and gas sector.  Niall is guest blogging for Carbon Safety…

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24th February 2021

Wellness In The Workplace: Wellness Matters – April 22nd 2021

WITW: Wellness Matters In May 2019 Carbon Safety Solutions hosted it’s first event. We put on a half day event looking at the concept that wellness is an aspect of…

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22nd October 2020

Our Event, Social Challenges, and 2020

In January 2020 I started planning my 2nd Wellness In The Workplace Event. It was supposed to be today, and tomorrow October 22nd and 23rd at Tigh-Na-Mara, a local resort….

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