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wellness at work

6th June 2022

Wellness at Work Pilot Project

Carbon Safety Solutions are excited to announce that we have developed a workplace wellness program in collaboration with Isabelle Charland of HR International The program aims to assist and support…

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17th May 2022

Wellness In The Workplace: Topics of Substance Event Summary

With our wellness in the workplace event concluded for 2022 a few weeks back, I wanted to provide a summary of some key trends, and once again thank our sponsors…

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21st April 2022

Wellness at Work and Home

While at a conference recently we found that people were concerned about wellness at work and home, particularly identifying housing as an impact on wellness.  A recent article confirmed what…

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17th March 2022

Wellness In The Workplace: Topics of Substance in person event – April 27th

As we see a bright side in the form of some relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, we also need to appreciate that the last 2 years have seen a number…

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24th February 2021

Wellness In The Workplace: Wellness Matters – April 22nd 2021

WITW: Wellness Matters In May 2019 Carbon Safety Solutions hosted it’s first event. We put on a half day event looking at the concept that wellness is an aspect of…

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