3rd September 2020

Learning In A Pandemic

Online learning is a necessary requirement for businesses as they adapt and adjust to life with COVID-19.   Businesses are facing a number of challenges and are required to reconsider how…

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30th April 2020

Infectious Disease Specialist: Dr. Ayukekbong

Dr. Ayukekbong is an infectious disease specialist on Vancouver Island.  He kindly took some time out of his schedule, and his birthday, earlier this week to chat about the COVID-19…

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22nd April 2020

COVID-19 Restrictions and Negligence

As B.C. trends in the right direction with COVID-19 cases, restrictions may be lifted. What legal and ethical decisions must be made prior to businesses opening up?

15th April 2020

COVID-19 B.C. Back To Work?

If B.C. continues to flatten the curve, and we continue to see a reduction in new cases, and increase in closed cases.  When might B.C. begin to return to work? …

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7th April 2020

BC Might Be Flattening The Curve

While it’s still early, it looks like BC might be flattening the curve, for now, but Easter could be an issue. With nice weather and Easter coming, now is not…

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31st March 2020

Workplace Roles In Flattening The Curve

I’m not sure if the health and safety of humans, organizations, and our economy have ever been so transparently and clearly linked, or globally connected. In B.C we had 970…

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16th March 2020

Managing Business and Human Health – COVID-19

How are you managing the health of your business, and it’s employees as COVID-19 in Canada escalates in it’s risk level?  If your business was shut down for the next…

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12th March 2020

COVID-19 Impacts – Consider The Risk

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus as many also know it, is ramping  up in it’s significance here in BC, Canada, and the rest of the world.  The World Health Organization has…

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