Safety Solutions

Based in Nanaimo, BC, Carbon Safety Solutions is dedicated to the health, safety and complete well-being of all facets of your organization. Using a collaborative approach, we guide British Columbian businesses to achieving optimal Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental systems and programs. We do this through a wide scope of audits, training, program creation as well as the development of innovative solutions. These safety solutions and programs are tailored to your industry to help ensure ideal working conditions for everyone on the job site.

Safety Manual and/or Program Development

A safety manual provides instruction and support for users on how to perform tasks safely.  A safety program considers how to manage safety as a whole within the workplace and should include management commitments, objectives and targets, regulatory considerations, and elements of continual improvement.  Using our online Carbon Safety Tool we can work with your team to develop an existing safety manual or program, or help develop new ones.

OH&S Consulting Services

We offer safety packages and retainer services to provide ongoing support for businesses who are looking for safety guidance, and support for their management or safety teams.

Wellness in The Workplace

Wellness incorporates more than just good food and yoga.  Our team can help you determine what aspects of wellness you have in your workplace and may wish to review.  The CSA Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace standard is one example of a wellness best practice we can help implement.

Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services

Our team can help you with measurements and technical assessments for areas like asbestos sampling, ergonomics, indoor air quality, noise levels, and other hygiene related support.

Contractor Safety Management

Contractor safety performance is a critical aspect of any project.  Good management of contractors can build collaborative and safe environments that reduce safety related risk and enhance production and project performance.  Our project focused contractor safety programs are custom designed for clients’ needs.

Site Safety Inspections

Workplace safety inspections are both regulatory requirements, and best practice.   Our team can support your organization with workplace safety inspections to provide objective observations on organizational safety performance and provide you with records of performance to help review and assess where expectations are being met, exceeded, or deviating.

Incident / Accident Investigation

Our team can undertake 3rd party incident investigation to support your organization in understanding the factors that contributed to the cause of the incident.  

H&S Training Courses

Carbon Safety provides high quality safety-related services for its clients, and this also includes training and awareness of key safety topics.  Our training creates awareness around workplace hazards, and requirements such as asbestos management, WHMIS, hazard and risk management, respiratory protection, and other general safety topics.

Training Partners

Carbon Safety Solutions may deliver training and awareness sessions on our own, in collaboration with training partners, or through one of our two highly trusted business partners: Medix EMS and Haland Learning Inc.  Our partners offer First Aid, Fall Protection, Confined Space, and Safety Committee Training amongst other options.

Safety Lunch and Learns

We are available to deliver 45-minute lunch and learns on a range of safety related topics including Incident Investigation, WHMIS, Asbestos Management, Hazard and Risk Management, and Wellness In The Workplace among other topics.  Please reach out if you have a topic you’d like to review with your team.

Covid-19 Safety Solutions

We offer Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing to determine the effectiveness of workplace cleaning methods using a simple pass, fail, or caution test result. We also offer Covid-19 Return to Work Packages for low, medium and high-risk work environments.

Covid-19 Safety Products

Choose from a wide array of Covid-19 safety products from locally produced sanitizer, personal protective equipment (PPE) and perspex (plexiglass) screens.

Covid-19 Information & Guidance

Our team will educate your organization on how to best integrate Covid-19 best practices with WorkSafe BC regulations, provide support for workers and provide industry-specific safety information.

Hazard & Risk Assessments

Our teams can work with yours to provide awareness, workshops, and documentation to help your organization assess hazards, and manage risk.  Our online Carbon Safety Tool can be used in a workshop environment to help develop a new online hazard and risk catalogue.

Hazard & Risk Program

We can support your organization in the development of a hazard and risk program that is specific to your requirements, integrates with your safety program, and helps address regulatory requirements around hazard and risk management.

Industrial Hygiene

Our hygiene team can help yours with a range of chemical hazards, building related hazard material assessments, ventilation requirements, atmospheric hazards, and biological and pathogen related concerns.

Workplace Violence Investigations

Our team can support your organization in the case of a regulatory breach of workplace violence, bullying and/or harassment.  We provide an experienced, and accredited professional to conduct a regulatory compliant investigation.

Compliance Orders

Whether your organization has had a WorkSafe BC (WSBC) compliance order, or Employment Services and Development Canada (ESDC) assurance of voluntary compliance (AVC) or a direction, we would be happy to discuss how we can help your organization address the regulatory instruction for compliance.

Regulatory Compliance Review 

Our team will work with yours to review regulatory compliance for activities and tasks, elements of a safety program, or your full safety program and identify opportunities for improvement from both regulatory and best practice perspectives.

COR Audit / Preparation (not certification)

COR (Certificate of Recognition) accreditation can help your organization identify key hazards, risks. It can make it simpler to find and hire workers and contracts and lead to a discount on WorkSafe BC premiums. We will work with your business to create a health and safety plan that exceeds legal requirements to earn COR, or Partner status for your organization.

ISO 45001

A global standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), ISO 45001 works in 162 countries for businesses of any size and type. This certification is optional but great to have since it shows your company commitment to reducing accidents, turnover, lowered insurance premiums, better staff morale and excellent leadership. Using our team’s expertise, we can get your business ISO 45001 certified and ready to conquer the marketplace.

ISO 14001 (Audit / Implementation)

We will audit your workplace and implement a practical environmental management system. In over 171 countries worldwide, ISO 14001 helps companies reduce waste and use their resources more efficiently. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it also gives your company a competitive advantage.

Internal Safety Program Review and Audit

We can help your organization review your existing safety program and policies within your workplace to determine if staff are following the requirements identified in your safety program.  Results from the audit can be used to identify areas where staff are meeting, exceeding, or deviating from company safety expectations.

With 20 years of experience, owner Scott Lescak is a health, safety and environmental professional with firsthand knowledge in many industries including, manufacturing, print media, waste management, mining, aviation, construction, marine, film and live events. With our thorough knowledge and experience with provincial, national and global safety certifications, we know what it takes to bring your company to the highest level of safety standards and certification.

Hazard Identification and Management

Hazard identification and management is the backbone of all safety. We start by reviewing how well your organization is identifying, and managing all known, and foreseeable hazards in the workplace.

Safety is fluid. People, locations, and industries are dynamic, and unique.

If you’re looking for a custom solution, or would like to discuss a different aspect of Health, Safety, and Environmental management contact us on or call us on 250 734 1373 for a free consultation.

Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems

Carbon Safety Solutions can support you whether you are looking to develop a hazard management program, an entire Occupational Health and Safety or Environmental System, or support with the components of these systems, such as:

Safety program, manual, or system review & development
Regulatory compliance review and support
Hazard and risk assessments, systems, and support
Contractor safety management
Review of WSBC inspection report and/or compliance orders
Site Safety Inspections
System & program audits (COR, ISO 45001, ISO 14001)
Incident Investigation

The Carbon Safety Model

We have developed a safety model to help organizations to identify and manage hazards and risks.

Carbon Safety Model

The model is based on William Haddon's simple model of identify the energy (or harm), identify the target that may be exposed to the energy/harm, and apply interventions, barriers, and controls of space, time, and physical separation between the target and energy or harm.  The model focuses on:

  • Current hazard practices (those that work well,  those that need improvement, and those that may be missing)
  • Collaborative approaches to identifying interventions and controls to separate energy and harm from people, environment, equipment etc. through the use of working groups, workshops, and team engagement, and collaboration
  • Focus on identify sources of harm, targets, and means to manage them considering safety related risk, interventions, barriers, and controls, and defining safety expectations, and safety knowledge
  • Ongoing monitoring and adaptation to aspects of the organization, and environment that may influence organizational safety
  • Sustaining a healthy culture of hazard and risk management

The Carbon Safety Model can be used to manage a range of workplace harm, from all known and foreseeable hazards in the workplace, to individual hazards such as mental health, Covid-19 and other pathogens, to energy harm such as electricity, or physical harm such as vehicles, falls, or other traditional workplace hazards.

If you’re interested in a brief overview of  how the model can support your organization please email us at or call us on 250 734 1373.

Hazard Identification and Management

Hazard identification and management is the backbone of all safety. We start by reviewing how well your organization is identifying, and managing all known, and foreseeable hazards in the workplace.

Safety is fluid. People, locations, and industries are dynamic, and unique.

If you’re looking for a custom solution, or would like to discuss a different aspect of Health, Safety, and Environmental management contact us on or call us on 250 734 1373 for a free consultation.