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Positive Result! Terminal Auto Body ATP Challenge

9th June 2020

Carbon Safety Solutions was happy to support Terminal Auto Body in Parksville with an ATP test to audit their cleaning practices.  Thanks to Mark and Sari for taking us up on the ATP challenge.

Carbon Safety reached out to see if Terminal Auto Body would be interested in a free 15 min consultation they took us up on it, and demonstrated many good practices.

Sari was confident that they had a good cleaning program, and were effectively keeping the workplace clean for the team, and customers.

Practicing Best Practices

Despite the good practices Sari was interested in getting a few of the workplace surfaces ATP tested for biological residue.

The question Sari had was, exactly how good were Terminal’s good practices?  In some cases where clients expect a clean surface, there are some surprises with ATP levels higher than expected.

Despite being cleaned, surfaces can remain contaminated due to irregular cleaning, porous surfaces, using dirty cloths, not using that elbow grease to really scrub a surface, or using the wrong cleaning products.

Energetic Cleaning

ATP is an energy molecule that is often found on surfaces, as a biological residue.  ATP testing can show the level of ATP present on a surface, and the less ATP, the cleaner the surface, the less likely that harmful pathogens will be present.

So good diligent, and energetic cleaning should be effective at removing biological residue, and Sari was up for the test,  hoping her cleaning regime was effectively removing traces of ATP.

Science Says

So Carbon Safety swabbed a few surfaces, waited 10 seconds, and hoped to confirm Sari’s belief in her cleaning practices.

The results were in pretty quickly, and each of the tests confirmed low levels of ATP.  The result Sari was looking for.

A good cleaning program that focuses on cleaning surfaces by removing biological, and other contaminants, and then disinfecting those cleaned surfaces is essential to preventing the spread of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold.

It’s important to remember that cleaning is one thing, and disinfecting is another.  Both are required to effectively keep surfaces clean.   Some best practice tips here

Thanks for the support Terminal Auto Body, and keep up the clean work!!

Up To the ATP Test?

If your organization is up to the ATP challenge, contact info@carbonsafety.ca for pricing, and to schedule a test.

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