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One Year In

18th September 2019

In September 2018 I had my first batch of Carbon Safety Solutions business cards printed, and started to network my butt off on beautiful Vancouver Island, full of optimism and enthusiasm, and a little uncertainty.

One year on from that first month, I spent an evening with the fine members of the Parksville Chamber of Commerce.

I had a table, and also an opportunity to introduce myself. It meant a lot to me as I marked the start of my second year in business with Carbon Safety Solutions and shared it with a group of like minded business people, many of whom had been where I was, or were at the moment starting their own venture.

They say most businesses struggle in the 1st year. I’ll agree that the 1st year was tougher than the start of the 2nd, but I’ve enjoyed the challenges, and opportunities that starting Carbon Safety Solutions has brought.

I am grateful and thankful to still be here, and for the support along the way. Particularly to my family for bearing with me, and also to the clients that attended my events, and trusted Carbon Safety Solutions to support their businesses, and teams.

Safety is about people, and about identifying and managing hazards and risk in a practical and effective manner to keep those people safe.

So cheers to a 2nd year of working with even more clients, organizing more events, and the continued support of my community, family, and clients.

I’m looking forward to an even more challenging, and exciting 2nd year.

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