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Let’s Talk Let’s Listen

30th January 2019

Today is the day Bell and many others have chosen to put a spotlight on mental health. It’s something that affects most of us, in some capacity. Whether we ourselves have struggled with mental health issues, whether it’s a friend, a family member, a co-worker, it affects us in some way.

I’m super behind on blog posts, and have had lots of topics I’d like to have touched on, but I’ve been super busy, which is just how it is at the moment! However, this is an occasion to stop and make a moment to talk.

So I just wanted to stop, take a moment, and acknowledge that mental health issues are all our issues. As employers, and employees there are many things in the workplace we can do to try and support colleagues who may be struggling with mental health in the workplace.

Employers can simply listen when employees have concerns, or challenges, however here is a list of additional areas where they can provide support: Mental Health at Work

One thing to remember, is it doesn’t have to be your mental health issue to require action, yes we’re encouraging people to speak about their challenges, and talk about how they feel, but we equally need people to listen, and hear what is being said. So communicate that you’re open to listen, and don’t leave all the talk about mental health to fall on un-receptive ears.

Talk. Listen. Care.

Click on the link here to see the official Bell Video which will help raise funds and awareness.

For hockey fans, here’s a link to Mike Babcock Head Coach of the Maple Leafs talking about mental health.

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