COVID-19 – Local, Legal, and Businesses Covering Up

25th May 2020

As we look at business and organizations slowly returning to work, there are numerous changes in how that workplace is required to function.

We are not out of the woods so to speak, and the workplace plays a tremendous role in preventing a further explosions of cases, and a potential second wave of infections here in B.C.   We’ll look at some local efforts, legal considerations, and the importance of covering up with a mask.


Carbon Safety Services is working provide services to returning businesses and organizations as we offer Return To Work Packages, and Biological Residue testing services.  We are excited to be running our first radio advertising campaign from the end of May to the first week of June here on the island.  You can hear our ad here.

As Carbon Safety looks to support local island businesses with COVID-19 risk management, we also understand that many businesses have had to pivot due to opportunity or necessity.

Carbon Safety Solutions is working hard to develop relationships with these businesses to utilize their products and services to collaborate locally and keep our risk of COVID-19 exposure, and transmission low, and provide community support where possible.

Our intent is to help local clients, by providing local solutions supplied by local businesses.  Some local organizations we are collaborating with:

Rickwood Menswear – in addition to fine menswear, also now providing a range of personal protective equipment

Epitech Consulting – local expertise in conducting and implementing programs in public health, health promotion and project management

Island Build – building contractor with capacity to install custom protective barriers

If you know of a local business that can provide safety related support products or services in the management of COVID-19 in the workplace, please contact


Most organizations fall under the provincial regulatory requirements, managed by WorkSafe BC.

WorkSafe BC has produced guidance for industries on how to identify and manage COVID-19 in the workplace.  This will require compliance with a 6 part plan which can be summarized very simply as:

    1. Assess risk of COVID-19 exposure or transmission
    2. Implement measures and controls
    3. Develop policies
    4. Develop plan, communicate, and provide training
    5. Monitor plans, controls and workplace as needed
    6. Assess and address changes and potential workplace risks if opening up again

If you’re looking for support in interpreting, and understanding these requirements for your business please reach out to us at Carbon Safety.

Cover Up

Workplaces will need to consider a number of controls to keep their staff, and customers safe.

Initially there was much debate over the need to wear masks.  Many organizations are still considering whether or not to use masks.  Prior to the Canadian Governments recommendation to use masks, they had strongly been recommended by local infectious disease specialist Dr. Jim Ayukekbong of Epitech Public Consulting.

When considering masks it is important to understand different mask types have different efficiencies.

Some can be highly effective at preventing transmission of respiratory droplets, into the mask area, as well as outside the mask.  While other masks provide only limited protection in these capacities.

The duration, and manner in which mask is worn, how it is handled, and cleaned can all impact it’s ability to protect the wearer.  Worn properly, Dr. Ayukekbong is an advocate of any mask, over no mask.

If you’re contemplating masks in your workplace, WorkSafe BC have simple guidance here, and my recent blogpost shares research SFU has recently conducted into beards and respirators.

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If you have any questions or concerns related to managing COVID-19 in your workplace, please contact us.


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