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Carbon Safety Model

We have developed a safety model to help organizations to identify and manage hazards and risks.

Carbon Safety Model

The model is based on William Haddon’s simple model of identify the energy (or harm), identify the target that may be exposed to the energy/harm, and apply interventions, barriers, and controls of space, time, and physical separation between the target and energy or harm.  The model focuses on:

  • Current hazard practices (those that work well,  those that need improvement, and those that may be missing)
  • Collaborative approaches to identifying interventions and controls to separate energy and harm from people, environment, equipment etc. through the use of working groups, workshops, and team engagement, and collaboration
  • Focus on identify sources of harm, targets, and means to manage them considering safety related risk, interventions, barriers, and controls, and defining safety expectations, and safety knowledge
  • Ongoing monitoring and adaptation to aspects of the organization, and environment that may influence organizational safety
  • Sustaining a healthy culture of hazard and risk management

The Carbon Safety Model can be used to manage a range of workplace harm, from all known and foreseeable hazards in the workplace, to individual hazards such as mental health, Covid-19 and other pathogens, to energy harm such as electricity, or physical harm such as vehicles, falls, or other traditional workplace hazards.

If you’re interested in a brief overview of  how the model can support your organization please email us at info@carbonsafety.ca or call us on 250 734 1373.