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August Lunch and Learns – Psychological Health and Safety at Work

17th July 2019

Canadians are seeing more and more work related mental health illnesses, and it’s impacting organizations across the country.

This is a topic that is getting more and more recognition with articles making headlines in health and safety, human resources, and general news publications.

I posted a series of blogs on wellness in the workplace, a few covered mental health related topics such as stress, fatigue, and mental health itself. These posts provide some insight into the challenges and opportunities of mental health at work.

After some great feedback from the Wellness in the Workplace event Carbon Safety hosted at the end of May a few months back, one area that attendees were interested in hearing more was Mental Health at work.

Dennis Larabee of the Canadian Mental Health Association explained that the CSA has a free, voluntary standard titled CSA-Z1003-13 Psychological health and safety in the workplace.

This standard was of interest to many of the attendees.  It aims to provide structure, and guidance for organizations looking to identify hazards related to psychological safety, prevent harm, and promote well being.

I will be providing an overview of the standard on August 21st to provide an introduction to CSA-Z1003-13 Psychological health and safety in the workplace.

I will also be providing a suggested framework for implementing the standard the following week on August 28th.

Spaces are $14 (tax included) and are limited, and lunch is provided. For more information please see the PDF attached below, call 250 734 1373 or email info@carbonsafety.ca with any questions or to reserve a space.

CSS August Lunch and Learns PDF Document Link

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