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Carbon Safety Solutions, Nanaimo

Carbon Safety Solutions has developed a unique safety model, the Carbon Safety Model, and a unique program to help organizations navigate the challenges of safety culture, hazards, risk management, and safety program development.

The Risk and Program Management Tool (RPM Tool) has been developed to help organizations work through initial assessments of strengths and areas of improvements, through to hosting an online document repository and navigational framework for safety programs.

Our focus is on working with a team within the organization to collaboratively identify and assess hazards and the degree of risk they pose, using the RPM Tool to help organizations structure their safety programs based on a solid understanding of the hazards, and risks within their workplaces.

Much like the carbon molecule is the foundation of most known life, hazards and their management are the foundation of most safety.

Safety is the relative absence of hazards and risk.

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Assessing and Adapting

Carbon Safety Solutions will work with your team using our RPM Tool to assess your current practices, review best practice standards and procedures, and identify areas of improvement.

Our RPM Tool is designed to help you navigate hazard and risk, develop a hazard catalogue and risk register, and provide guidance on the development of a safety program.

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  • We offer workshops to collaborate with your team and assess your organization's needs, whether it’s an entire framework, a process, procedure, or tools to manage hazards and risks in the work place in whole or part.
  • Our Risk and Program Management team is designed as a process flow to get you from assessing strengths and weaknesses to developing a catalogue of hazards and risks
  • Our RPM Tool can also provide an online document repository to offer a single source of H&S documentation for your teams


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