Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems

Carbon Safety Solutions can support you whether you are looking to develop a hazard management program, an entire Occupational Health and Safety or Environmental System, or support with the components of these systems, such as:

Safety program, manual, or system review & development
Regulatory compliance review and support
Hazard and risk assessments, systems, and support
Contractor safety management
Review of WSBC inspection report and/or compliance orders
Site Safety Inspections
System & program audits (COR, ISO 45001, ISO 14001)
Incident Investigation

The Carbon Safety Model

We are putting the finishing touches to a safety model which will help organizations to identify and manage hazards and risks. The model will focus on:

  • Current hazard practices (positive and poor)
  • Collaborative approaches to identifying interventions and controls to separate energy and harm from people, environment, equipment etc.
  • Ongoing monitoring and adaptation to environmental influences
  • Sustaining a healthy culture of hazard and risk management

The Carbon Safety Model should be ready to launch in early 2019. In the meantime, if you’re interested in a brief overview of what it’s looking to focus on please email us at info@carbonsafety.ca or call us on 250 734 1373.

Hazard Identification and Management

Hazard identification and management is the backbone of all safety. We start by reviewing how well your organization is identifying, and managing all known, and foreseeable hazards in the workplace.

Safety is fluid. People, locations, and industries are dynamic, and unique.

If you’re looking for a custom solution, or would like to discuss a different aspect of Health, Safety, and Environmental management contact us on info@carbonsafety.ca or call us on 250 734 1373 for a free consultation.