Carbon Safety Solutions is still operating, and able to support those organizations that are able and/or required to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact us to see how we can help your organization identify, assess and manage Covid-19 related risk in your workplace.

Hazard Culture Snap Assessment

Our Snap Assessment below was designed to take a snapshot of what behaviours, actions ,and practices you are undertaking, and provide a basic assessment of how well your organization may be identifying and managing it’s hazards.

Review the snap assessment below to get an idea of areas of hazard management that your organization may wish to consider.  If you’d like a snapshot of where your organization may be placed in relation to hazard identification and management, please submit your responses and we’ll contact you with an overview of your results.

Snap Assessment Responses

Yes – behaviour, action, or practice is regularly undertaken or observed.
Infrequently – behaviour, action, or practice is known to take place, or be observed, but not regularly.
No – behaviour, action, or practice is seldom known to take place, or be observed.

Snap Assessment